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Colleagues & Conversations


Peer Support | Leadership Development | Impact | Begins January 2013 | $120m/$150s

Join us for a new professionally facilitated series, Colleagues&Conversations™, dedicated to problem solving and idea sharing among nonprofit peers.

Colleagues&Conversations™ covers a track of four related topics and prepares each participant with a unique primer to ensure productive outcomes. Each of the four sessions is presented by a consultant on the topic who leads you and your fellow colleagues through essential conversations about the critical leadership topics.  Colleagues&Conversations™ is offered in partnership with Third Sector Innovations and CausePlanet.

  • Designed for busy professionals.
  • Requires minimal preparation time.
  • Cultivates robust discussion on vital topics for today’s nonprofit leaders (scroll down for topics).

Why join us for Colleagues&Conversations™?

  1. Build camaraderie within a small network of colleagues, where confidential conversation and problem solving address the ongoing challenges of leading an organization of excellence.
  2. Receive four •Page to Practice™ book summaries and consultant-led training, ensuring provocative and productive discussions.
  3. •Gain cumulative knowledge and insight into the challenging topics of 21st century leadership.
  4. Work through case studies using best practice techniques.

“Our small group has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to advance my professional development as a fundraiser in a safe, supportive and collegial environment. The diverse background and experiences of other group members provide a multitude of perspectives on every issue, as well as compassion and genuine concern for helping to effectively problem solve. I am grateful for the opportunity to have such a responsive sounding board in these talented and thoughtful peers.” – Gretchen Aston-Puckett, KVNF Radio, Paonia


The format of these sessions is to discuss the strategy/approach presented in the reading, then engage in a facilitated and thought-provoking conversation among colleagues so everyone benefits from shared experiences and individualized problem solving.

Session 1:  Reality Bites:  Taking a Hard Look at Fundraising and Earned Income Programs

Book Cover - Nonprofit SustainabilityCome and explore these questions:

  • Find out why your nonprofit strategies for sustainability must encompass both financial and programmatic elements.
  • Learn how to map your business model and identify profitability and relative impact.
  • Make sound choices to adjust your business model and optimize your outcomes.
  • Examine your mix of fundraising and/or earned income sources as they relate to organizational strengths.

• Featuring Page to Practice™ book summary: Nonprofit Sustainability:  Making Strategic Decisions for Financial Viability

Session 2:  Play It Again Sam:  Be a Grantee Worth Refunding by Tackling Evaluation and Talking Results

Book Cover - Level Best

  • Find out how to develop an evaluation plan and use the lessons learned to strengthen your organization and make a stronger case for continued support.
  • Demystify evaluation and learn why evaluation at its best is about learning rather than judging, and improving rather than proving.
  • Discover a new framework for thinking about evaluation and tools for measuring and sharing results in ways that are practical, efficient, and meaningful.
  • Learn from veteran authors about how to break down the evaluation process into five easy steps and how to integrate evaluation into your ongoing work.

• Featuring Page to Practice™ book summary: Level Best:  How Small and Grassroots Nonprofits Can Tackle Evaluation and Talk Results

•Session 3:  You Can Run But You Can’t Hide:  Revealing Hidden Truths That Impact Performance

  • Learn from Mosley and Irvine’s success with creating recognition programs for some of the world’s most respected organizations.
  • Find out why engaged employees are today’s competitive advantage.
  • Understand the imperative in creating a culture of appreciation, recognition and reward.
  • Use the authors’ tried and true methods for implementing practical recognition strategies within your organization.

Featuring• Page to Practice™ book summary: Winning with a Culture of Recognition


Session 4:  Does Strategic Planning Give You Brain Freeze?  Warm Up Your Real-Time Planning for a Rapid-Response World

Book Cover - Nonprofit Strategy Revolution

  • Find out why traditional nonprofit strategic plans are flawed.
  • Learn the difference between following a specific process (the traditional strategic planning approach) and becoming a more powerful strategic thinker.
  • Discover why nonprofit strategy begins with organizational strategy – your mission, your vision and market position.
  • Learn how to develop a Strategy Screen to determine whether or not a particular strategy is consistent with your organization’s identity.

• Featuring Page to Practice™ book summary: The Nonprofit Strategy Revolution:  Real-Time Strategic Planning in a Rapid-Response World


Wednesday, January 9; 10-11:30 a.m.

Wednesday, February 6; 10-11:30 a.m.

Wednesday, March 6; 10-11:30 a.m.

Wednesday, April 10; 10-11:30 a.m.


Fee includes four facilitated sessions, and four Page to Practice™  book summaries.

$120 members / $150 standard

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