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Colorado’s projected long-term revenues are insufficient to sustain the public services Coloradans have come to expect. Colorado voters have the unique responsibility of deciding how best to balance the public’s desires for both low taxes and robust public services. The purpose of the Fiscal Education Network is to help Coloradans make informed choices about state fiscal policies and public services through community engagement led by a statewide network of nonprofit organizations.

Research conducted by John Creighton on behalf of the Fiscal Education Network has produced an approach to community engagement geared toward building public will over the long term rather than simply swaying public opinion, as many political campaigns achieve in the short term. The framework presented in this toolkit helps clarify the differences between building public will and swaying public opinion, as well as identify the stages of public thinking people go through before they commit to public action. We need your help and leadership to engage Colorado’s communities in these vital discussions about our state’s future.

Download the toolkit to learn more and get involved!