Proposition 103’s Defeat


What Does it Mean for Colorado Nonprofits and Our State’s Future?

Fiscal Education Network

Last week, the people of Colorado had an opportunity to tell lawmakers what they value in public services to their communities. Voters in Colorado declined to increase state revenues to increase funding for public education. Although this means that individuals and businesses will not pay higher income and sales tax rates, this also means public education will continue to face significant budget challenges.

Proposition 103 is another example of the challenging budget debates that dominate everyday news stories. Public conversations on these issues are often divisive. Our state and our nation face the challenge of coming together for common solutions. How do we improve the tone of our public conversations and find constructive solutions to these challenging public policy issues?

We invite you to a FREE informational webinar on November 17 from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. Participants will take away knowledge of the University of Denver’s Economic Futures Panel report, Financing Colorado’s Future: An Analysis of the Fiscal Sustainability of State Government. This report examines the long term financial viability of Colorado’s state government particularly in funding for K-12 Education, Medicaid, and Corrections. Join us for a value-based discussion of this report with a member of the panel.

As trusted, nonpartisan voices, nonprofit organizations are well positioned to lead conversationson such critical issues. Because Colorado voters decidemany of the most significant policy questions, nonprofits can play an important role in encouraging voter participation in these discussions.

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