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Colorado Nonprofit Association is the only organization influencing state and federal public policy on behalf of all Colorado nonprofits.

Our mission with our advocacy work is to make the work of nonprofits run smoother, whether it’s untangling red tape, generating revenue, reducing costs or raising awareness of nonprofits’ importance in the community.

Our Mandate

Colorado Nonprofit Association champions and advocates for you, the nonprofit community, at the state and national levels. We research and act on issues broadly impacting nonprofits so organizations have the latitude and support they need to do their work.

Our Goals 

  • Advocate for public policies that help nonprofits support a high quality of life in Colorado
  • Increase charitable giving through sensible tax policies, research and reporting
  • Strengthen ties between nonprofits and government agencies and officials
  • Work with national partners, including National Council of Nonprofits and Independent Sector to address national issues affecting nonprofits
  • Increase nonprofit participation in civic and voter engagement activities in Colorado


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