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HB 10-1010: Effective Nonprofit/Government Partnerships

Sponsored by Rep. Mark Ferrandino (D–Denver) and Sen. John Morse (D–Colorado Springs), House Bill 10-1010 authorizes all state agencies to enter into public-private initiative agreements with nonprofit organizations.  By contracting services to nonprofits, state agencies can take advantage of the ingenuity, efficiency and effectiveness that nonprofits can offer.

The bill allows nonprofits to submit unsolicited proposals to deliver services for a state agency. The agency will evaluate the proposal based on such factors as innovative approaches, cost-savings, efficient delivery of services, enhanced quality of service delivery, potential contribution to the agency’s mission, and the capabilities of the submitting nonprofit. If the agency determines that the proposal meets these criteria, the parties can enter into a contract.

If the unsolicited proposal requires expenditure of $50,000 or more of state funds, the agency must give public notice to allow other nonprofits to submit proposals. An agency must adopt either rules or written guidelines setting forth the procedures it will use to evaluate proposals. An agency cannot use an unsolicited proposal as a means to obtain a contract that it was already planning to competitively bid. Any department that enters into contracts through the unsolicited process must report them to the Joint Budget Committee during the regular budget process.

Colorado Nonprofit Association drafted a model set of policies for state agencies to adapt and use.