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Legislative Trainer

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National Conference of State Legislatures
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Government agency
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Front Range
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This position represents a level of knowledge and expertise approximating that of management personnel and the ability to handle, organize or oversee any task or project in a program.  Employees in this class may not have formal program management or supervisory responsibilities, but give generously of their time and are sought out regularly by other professionals for their knowledge, skills, political advice, and technical expertise.  A Legislative Trainer's performance is superior in all aspects, is self-generated, and creatively extends the expectations of the job beyond productive completion of regular work assignments. The Legislative Trainer exhibits not only program expertise but organization-wide expertise and sustains a consistent record of appropriately handling unusual and stressful situations, politically sensitive matters, and difficult personalities.  This position exemplifies the highest standards of professional conduct and dependability even under pressure or in unanticipated situations. This individual can handle any responsibility that might come to others in the program.




Areas of Responsibility


The key distinctions for a Legislative Trainer are in knowledge gained through experience, the degree of independence in performing duties, the program-wide scope of responsibilities, and a consistently outstanding degree of comportment, achievement and effort.


Distinguishing duties may include:


  1. Develop training modules and programs for legislators and legislative staff incorporating the latest in learning theory and techniques.
  2. Deliver high quality professional development experiences to legislative audiences in state capitals, at NCSL meetings and in other settings.
  3. Design multi-day developmental experiences.
  4. Write for NCSL publication outlets about legislative skills strengthening.
  5. Mentor and train NCSL staff in facilitation and training techniques.
  6. Conduct surveys of legislators and legislative staff to determine priority development needs.
  7. Work with legislative professionals who coordinate training programs to promote NCSL offerings.
  8. Train NCSL staff and mentor less experienced staff. Reviews the work of others even when not formally assigned to provide such assistance.
  9. May supervise the work of program staff in the absence of the program director including making, reviewing and expediting assignments.
  10. Covers and executes assignments on any subject assigned to a program, provides effective backup support to other professional staff, and takes a leadership role on projects involving more than one program.
  11. Frequently and routinely are delegated priority assignments which include those that are politically sensitive, critically important, quickly needed or have the potential for damaging the organization's reputation if not well handled. Maintaining confidentiality in requests is critical.
  12. Critically reviews one's own work and independently initiates improvements or refinements.
  13. Independently develops and maintains relations with funding sources and can conduct even the most sensitive negotiations to commit the organization's resources without compromising policy or services.
  14. Performs other responsibilities as needed.

May serve as coordinator of a team of professionals on a short-term project.  May assist in program-wide management or manage program activities in the absence of the program director.


  • Bachelor's degree required plus eight years of relevant and progressive work experience.
  • The following work experience or some equivalent combination is preferred: at least four years of professional experience with NCSL, two years state or federal legislative experience, and two years of professional experience in the assigned subject area.
  • Some post baccalaureate education is preferred, and up to three years credit for a graduate education (i.e. a master’s degree, advanced professional degree or doctoral degree) may be substituted for the required work experience.
  • Exceptional presentation, communication, research, analytic and organizational skills.
  • Excellence in working effectively with legislators and legislative staff and dealing with politically sensitive constituencies.
  • Exceptional skill in working independently and under pressure on multiple projects.
  • If supervisory tasks are assigned, excellence in interpersonal skills needed to supervise, coordinate and lead others.
  • Substantial knowledge and technical expertise in most areas of a program and mastery of major policy fields within the program.
  • Knowledge of state legislatures and state-federal issues.
  • Able to maintain confidentiality and handle politically sensitive work.
  • Must be able to travel including out-of-area and overnight


NCSL offers an outstanding benefits package including low cost health, dental and vision coverage, a 401(a)-retirement plan with 10% contribution after 6 months and full vesting, life & disability insurance, 3-weeks paid vacation with 5+ years of experience, paid leave, in-office dry cleaning pick up, pet insurance, 24-hour fitness memberships, bus / train passes, and more!

How To Apply


Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume highlighting skills and qualifications to: no later than Friday, March 9, 2018.


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