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Property Manager

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South Metro Housing Options
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Government agency
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Front Range
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Ensure the operations of the property or properties in assigned area of oversight are in compliance with the standards and expectations of SMHO. Responsible for the day-to-day administration of subsidized housing programs (Section 8 New Construction, Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program, and/or Public Housing). Responsible for ensuring the completion of all property management site-level activities with site-level staff and other SMHO-related departments to ensure that the Essential Duties/Responsibilities are met on a regular and consistent basis.

Areas of Responsibility

• Manages the daily operation of the program. Calculates the rent due from the program participants.
• Ensures all regulatory compliance requirements, including annual and interim re-certifications and appropriate documentation are followed, monitored, and completed.
• Conducts housing inspections of housing units occupied by program participants. Identifies deficiencies in maintenance or housekeeping; communicates with residents to correct deficiencies. Conducts annual housing inspection, responds to questions and emergencies, and evaluates move-ins.
• Monitors the expenses in conjunction with the annual operating budget.
• Responds to requests from residents, vendors, visitors, and staff, in person and by written communications. Ensures excellent customer service in all interactions.
• Ensures that physical guidelines are achieved at each property, in accordance with expectations of management.
• Delivers work product and services with responsiveness and tact in personal interactions with customers and staff.
• Observes and follows established housing authority policies and procedures in the daily conduct of the job.
• Assists with decisions regarding families continuing to receive assistance, noncompliance, fraud, and amount of rent payments.
• Ensures the day to day management of site-level staff in accordance with expectations of management.
• Ensures that positive, collaborative internal (Resident Services and Maintenance) and external relationships are fostered and maintained and that requests are responded to in a timely manner.
• In conjunction with Resident Services, effectively conducts regularly scheduled resident meetings.
• Follows and enforced all fair housing and local landlord and tenant laws and regulations.

  • Requires an equivalent combination of education, formal training, or work experience that produces the knowledge, skill, and ability to perform the essential functions of the position

$40,000-$43,000/annually. Benefits include medical, vision, and dental; Retirement match of 7%; Paid holidays; Flex schedule.

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