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Youth Master Plan Coordinator (Project Lead on Active Living)

Job Description
Lake County Build a Generation
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Government agency
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Central Mountains
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Job Category: 
Health & Mental Health
Job Description: 

Are you passionate about helping people be more physically active? Do you like working with community volunteers? Do you love organizing community members to bring about change that will make Leadville and Lake County the healthiest place to live, work, raise a family, grow up or grow old? Then consider applying for our YMP Coordinator position focused on active living!

The YMP Coordinator (Project Lead on Active Living) will facilitate a “Walkable-Bikeable Leadville/Safe Routes to Schools” Coalition that is working on strategies (such as Bike to School Days or Walking School Buses) to encourage more students to walk or bike to school. In future years, the Coordinator will also work on policy and infrastructure changes that will continue to build energy and momentum around walking and biking in Leadville/Lake County. 

This Coordinator will also work with community members on projects to improve community members’ access to recreation.


Areas of Responsibility

Facilitate regular meetings of the Safe Routes to Schools Coalition and its work to assess walking and biking in Lake County; identify and implement multiple interventions (listed below) that will increase the number of community members who walk or bike to school, work, and other places; and to track and evaluate the effectiveness of these interventions.
Continue efforts to increase coalition members’ knowledge of how to create a more walkable, bike-able community by encouraging and supporting coalition members in attending relevant trainings, webinars, and conferences.
Create walking school buses to activate city and county improvements,
Hold (and  increase participation in) annual events, including:

Skills Clinic
Bike Rodeo
Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day
Mechanics’ Days
Walk & Bike to School Days
Develop a “Frequent Walk and Bike card.”

Work with the City of Leadville and Lake County to explore the development of a strong Complete Streets policy.
Work with the City of Leadville and Lake County to develop a bike and pedestrian master plan and work to implement projects in this plan.
Advocate for at least one city or county policy or practice that will make it easier for residents to walk and bike, such as developing a snow removal plan that prioritizes walking and biking routes.
Work to increase physical activity in Lake County. In 2017, this will include:

Supporting the LCSD Health and Wellness Comprehensive Plan by attending meetings of the physical activity work group.
Work with a stakeholder group to activate West Park and LCIS playgrounds and encourage greater community use. 
Attend regular meetings of LCSD Health and Wellness teams that have physical activity goals in order to foster connection with district-level efforts.
Align LCBAG resources with Health and Wellness Team physical activity goals and support the teams in creating more significant impacts. 

Support the WPE Wellness team in planning the WPE Playground Grand Opening.
Solicit support from Health and Wellness Team members on LCBAG’s Active Living work, particularly where it relates to the Lake County School District.

Continue to foster relationships with the City of Leadville, Lake County, and Lake County School District and seek their support in increasing walking and biking in Lake County
Work with the Director, Youth Master Plan Manger, and Evaluation Contractor to report on the CDOT and Colorado Health Foundation grant deliverables according to required deadlines and format.
Work with Evaluation Coordinator to administer Parent Surveys and Teacher Tallies in order to track increases in the number of students walking and biking to schools.
Work with LCBAG Communications Coordinator to keep the community informed about Youth Master Plan efforts and successes, including regularly updating the “Walkable, Bike-able Leadville” webpage and developing a communications campaign that raises awareness about early infrastructure successes and develops the perception that Lake County walks and bikes.
Attend Lake County Build a Generation staff meetings, regular meetings with the Youth Master Plan Manager, and generally support the work of Lake County Build a Generation to “build a movement for health and well-being in Lake County.”

  • Good computer skills, including, but not limited to, an ability to use Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Docs, Google calendar, and email.
  • The ability to use standard office equipment, including a computer, fax machine, copier, and telephone.
  • The ability to work independently as appropriate
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • The ability to work collaboratively with a wide variety of community leaders and community members.
  • Flexibility and a willingness to do whatever is needed to complete assigned tasks.
  • Prefer candidates with experience in community-based projects and/or initiatives
  • Prefer candidates with familiarity with Collective Impact as a model
  • Prefer canddiates with facilitation skills
  • Prefer candidates with familiarity with Lake County, particularly the West Park neighborhood
  • Prefer candidates with familiarity with best practices in promoting walkability and bike-ability
  • Prefer candidates fluent in Spanish.

Salary DOE. Attractive benefits package, including health, vision and dental insurance; a 6% retirement match; sick, personal, and vacation days, and a pass to the Lake County pool. 

How To Apply

For more information about the position and its qualifications, please read the full job description: YMP Coordinator_2017_Active Living. To apply, please send a resume, cover letter, and three professional references (including one supervisor) to The job is open until filled.

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