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Communications | Executive | Health & Mental Health | Programs/Services

I enjoy taking a vision and making it a reality through sound strategy development. I can intuitively see the threads of possibility that wind through an organization, bring them together into a unified whole, help others extend their thinking, and drive material business advantage.

Currently, as the Executive Director and Publisher for an 83 chapter, 450 volunteer, and 20,000 membership organization, I have led the strategic development and have overseen the operations for a 7-million dollar international nonprofit. I am currently guiding a strategic planning process with the National Board of Directors to transition the organization into a 21st-century nonprofit. Also, I am spearheading a major strategic shift with transforming the web and member database functional focus to an enabler of innovation for business, integration of management, and membership engagement that supports an international organization. We are moving from a traditional print publication to being a media and event organization.

Previously, as COO of a national trade association, I led the operational aspects of the national trade-show, training, membership development, and media. I also drove partnerships with key industry stakeholders. Earlier, I rose through the ranks of the organization transitioning from Art Director to Publisher and COO.

  • Ten years of nonprofit executive leadership, operational excellence, and strategic planning
  • Financial acumen managing a $7-million nonprofit and $1-million in organizational assets
  • Knowledge of nonprofit compliance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations
  • Business development practices to secure additional revenue
  • Strategic planning and operational excellence
  • Experience with engaging with C-Level executive volunteers
  • Membership and chapter management
  • Spokesperson for a national nonprofit
  • Legal documents
  • Technology
  • Publishing and media management
  • Policy development
  • Board of Director relations and partnerships
Executive Director
Oct, 2014
Mercedes-Benz Club of America, Colorado Springs
  • Lead the Board of Directors in developing and executing both short-term and long-term strategic plans to poise the organization’s business and governance model to be more agile and proactive.
  • Advanced productivity by seeing the threads of possibility that wind through an organization, bring them together into a unified whole, help others extend people's thinking.
  • Quadrupled long-term reserves and reversed a negative EBITDA by implementing performance improvements.
  • Strengthen critical decision-making by producing measurable program and financial metrics.
  • Speed up decision making and increased checks-and-balances by shifting the GAAP accounting model to new technology solutions.
  • Boosted program revenue goal by 45% ($111,000) by engineering modern marketing tactics.
  • Raised memberships 3% annually by developing and managing crucial relationships throughout the U.S.
  • Reduced employee turnover by 84% by building and inspiring an engaged staff and volunteers that value continuity and provides clarity, fosters motivation, embraces accountability, instills compassion, and attracts participation. People are the number one asset. Placed more focus on employee policies to attract, retain, and foster employee professional growth.
  • Reversed strained relationships between key sponsorship partners by creating more clarity and implementing better working agreements that achieve each organization’s measured goals and objectives.
  • Increased customer acquisition rates by 29% by developing an online marketing.
  • Currently driving the media transition plan that establishes the organization as an authoritative and credible voice.
Sep, 2013 to Apr, 2014
Christian Booksellers Association (Promoted), Colorado Springs
  • Erased $4-million of dept and added a $600,000 surplus in 18-months by joining the executive leadership team in restructuring, negotiating debt with vendors, selling of assets, and improving operational performance.
  • Eliminated 11% in operating expenses and generated $35,000 by developing new product offerings.
  • Boosted 18% in sponsorship revenue by restricting advertising products and sales processes.
Director of Membership
Jun, 2010 to Sep, 2013
Christian Booksellers Association (Promoted), Colorado Springs
  • Boosted retail training program from 7 to 176 by partnering with professional retail professionals.
  • Raised $100,000 in disaster relief for the Haiti earthquake through the strengthening of partnerships and marketing campaigns.
  • Increased customer acquisition rate by 4% after a five-year 6% decline by identifying and targeting new customer segments.
  • Eliminated employee turnover by 92% by building and inspiring an engaged staff.
Publisher/Art Director
Nov, 2019
Christian Booksellers Association, Colorado Springs
  • Eliminated 80% of expenses by moving to a new web-hosting environment.
  • Managed editorial, art direction, production, printing, and deadlines for all media products ensuring costs are aligned.
School and Location: 
St. Cloud State University, MN
Dates Attended: 
1991 to 1994
Bachelor’s Degree
Field of Study: 
Graphic Design and Communications
School and Location: 
Intitute for Organizational Management, AZ
Dates Attended: 
2012 to 2014
Field of Study: 
Nonprofit Leadership and Management
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Mike Regennitter
12236 St Annes Rd
Peyton, CO 80831
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American Society of Association Executives (ASAE)U.S. Chamber of CommerceChair of the Student Advisory Committee for Falcon High School