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Why and how to create your nonprofit's Theory of Change | Webinar

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April 2nd 2020 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM



Colorado Nonprofit Association will continue to offer educational and training opportunities for nonprofit professionals while following government guidelines and public health recommendations to keep our community safe. This session will be presented virtually via Zoom technology at no cost to participants. Contact Nick DiTulio ( with thoughts or questions. 


Is your organization grappling with evaluations and indicators that you feel don’t adequately tell your impact story? Are you confused by the differences between a logic model and a Theory of Change? This training will help.
A Theory of Change is both a process and a product that helps you and your organization’s stakeholders describe complex social and development interventions. Theories of Change can take different forms, including a traditional logic model and much more. Regardless of form, they should explain the problem your organization addresses, who you serve, what you do, and the multiple levels of outcomes that result from your work.
Many grant makers and governments are now expecting their grantees to share a coherent Theory of Change. Not only is a ToC an effective communications tool – it also helps managers design (or redesign) programs, and it helps everyone understand how their work contributes to the broader mission.  Finally, a strong Theory of Change helps us determine which data to collect and report on. 

Creating a ToC is fun, and something many organizations can do themselves – if you can navigate a few common roadblocks. Together we will explore the elements of a Theory of Change, options for facilitation, options for representing your theory visually, recap the questions you should be asking as a team at each step along the way.  You will also learn about how your theory of change will inform regular performance indicators and episodic research or evaluation.


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Event Description
Learning Objectives

A thorough understanding of Theory of Change components

Tools to both grade existing theories of change and develop your own

Examples of using a Theory of Change in other evaluation efforts and in funder communication



Nonprofit program directors, managers and staff; development directors and staff. 

Audience Engagement

Audience members will be provided time to create a rough draft of their organization’s theory of change, with coaching and commentary from the instructor. They will also be invited to critique examples provided in the training to reinforce their knowledge of these concepts. 


Paul Collier, Coeffect

Paul Collier is the founder of Coeffect, a consulting firm that helps innovative social sector leaders leverage data to understand their impact and make a difference in their clients' lives. Paul works exclusively with nonprofits and for-impact businesses, providing program design, data analysis, data visualization, and database implementation support.  Since founding Coeffect in 2016, he has worked with over 30 clients across Colorado, California, and Washington D.C.


Previously, Paul served as the Data and Evaluation Manager at Safe & Sound, a San Francisco-based family resource center developing a data-informed model to help families keep kids safe. He also worked for Protiviti, an international consulting firm providing internal audit services to Fortune 500 clients.  Paul is a graduate of Arizona State University, where he earned degrees in Business Management and Arts Administration. 

Qualifies for Excellence in Nonprofit Principles and Practices. Completion of a post-training evaluation is required for this training to count toward recognition. 


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