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C(3) Forum

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C(3) Forum: Equity

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Tuesday | August 22 | 8:30am-5:30pm
Driscoll Hall | University of Denver
2055 East Evans Ave
Denver | CO 80208
$95 members | $120 nonmembers

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Colorado has a strong nonprofit community because foundations and nonprofits work as partners to strengthen communities. On August 22, the Colorado Association of Funders, Community Resource Center and Colorado Nonprofit Association will present the C(3) Forum: Equity. Like every C(3) Forum, this full-day event will bring together nonprofit professionals and funders for conversation and learning.  


2017 Program


Through opportunities for education and relationship-building connections, the C(3) Forum provides grantmakers and grantseekers a stronger understanding of the work that needs to be done and clarity on how this work can best be accomplished in concert with each other.

This year, the C(3) Forum will focus on how nonprofits and funders can address systemic inequities in our communities and organizations. Building on our sector’s work promoting the importance of diversity and creating inclusive spaces that welcome and encourage the engagement of all Coloradans, this event will provide leaders with the knowledge and tools to take those efforts to the next level. During this time of upheaval at the national level, it is imperative that grantmakers and grantseekers consider how equity can be folded into the ways they promote and enact systems that value the contributions of all Coloradans.

We are proud to announce that we have created an incredible line-up of both national and local expert speakers; expert speakers are joining us from Race to Lead - Building Movement Project, ABFE, The Equity Project, and many more.


Our goals for the C(3) Forum include:

  1. Deconstructing equity:
    • defining concepts and history of the language.
    • Create a deeper understanding of our personal role in promoting equity in our communities.
  2. Nonprofits enhance their understanding of the various ways they can develop equitable systems through their work.
  3. Funders enhance their understanding of the importance of integrating an equity focus into their overarching grantmaking strategy.
  4. Grantmakers and grantseekers identify ways they can work together to address equity within the power structure of our communities.

Want to learn more about some sessions? Check out our Program Agenda for more information.

Updated Program Agenda


Register Now

$95 members | $120 nonmembers

Event Information

We have purchased limited parking for our event. Please plan to carpool or use Public Transportation to help ensure everyone is able to attend.

Parking Information

Registration will take place in Driscoll Hall Ballroom. Registration will open at 8:30 A.M. and a light continental breakfast will be served. The program will begin at 9:00 A.M. Please plan ahead and add time to park and walk across campus so that we can begin sharply at 9:00 A.M. We will continue our program across the campus at Driscall Hall and Strum Hall. 

University of Denver
Driscoll Hall Ballroom
2055 East Evans Ave
Denver | CO 80208




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