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Vantage Evaluation

Leadership Circle Member

Contact Information
Phone Number: 620-680-0428
Mailing Address: 1120 Lincoln St., # 704, Denver, CO, 80203
County: Denver
Colorado Region: Statewide
Organization Information
Organization Name: Vantage Evaluation
About Us:

At Vantage Evaluation, we love our communities and believe that evaluation is key to strengthening them. We do more than plan and execute evaluations, we work to evolve the way purpose-driven organizations in Colorado think about and use evaluation – from data for data’s sake to evaluation as a learning process for strategic improvements. Because when we do, we create a stronger, more dynamic community for us all.

What We Do:

At Vantage Evaluation, we use the process of evaluation to help organizations understand what’s working and what’s not, so they can make strategic improvements

Area of Expertise: Evaluation, Statistical Analysis, Training


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