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Leadership Circle Member

Contact Information
Phone Number: (614) 352-2505
Mailing Address: 100 E SAINT VRAIN ST STE 105, Colorado Springs, CO, 80903
County: El Paso
Colorado Region: Ft.Collins/Greeley, Denver Metro, Pikes Peak Region
Organization Information
Organization Name: ForImpact
About Us:

In 35+ years The Suddes Group has raised over $2Billion for organizations around the world, run more than 500 successful fundraising campaigns and transformed more than 5000 organizations through our training, coaching and consulting services. Clients range from colleges and universities to start-ups to international NGOs.

What We Do:

We lead, facilitate, train and coach individuals, teams, and organizations to help share the story, build their team, and fund their vision.

Area of Expertise: Fundraising, Organization Development, Training
Percentage of client base that is nonprofit: 80-100%
Percentage of client base that is in CO: 20-50%


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