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Syntrinsic Investment Counsel

Leadership Circle Member

Contact Information
Phone Number: 8772967100
Mailing Address: 3840 York Street, Denver, CO, 80205
County: Denver
Colorado Region: Statewide, Nationwide
Organization Information
Organization Name: Syntrinsic Investment Counsel
About Us:

Syntrinsic Investment Counsel partners as a fiduciary with nonprofit organizations and philanthropic private clients to develop, implement, and monitor customized investment portfolios.

What We Do:

Syntrinsic impacts clients throughout all aspects of the relationship. We partner as a co-fiduciary to help clients craft policies, practices and an investment strategy worthy of donor confidence. Our comprehensive services include; investment policy review and development, asset allocation analysis, investment search and selection, performance reporting, business strategy and structure, client stakeholder relations, education for trustees and stakeholders, and values based investing.

Area of Expertise: Financial Management
Percentage of client base that is nonprofit: 80-100%
Percentage of client base that is in CO: 50-80%


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