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Colorado Nonprofit Association Releases 2016 Salary & Benefits Survey Report

Jul 27, 2016
2016 Nonprofit Salary Survey Participants Preview

Collected Data Details Trends in Nonprofit Employment in our State

Colorado Nonprofit Association released the findings from its 2016 Salary & Benefits Survey, detailing employment trends for the Colorado nonprofit community. Sponsored by the University of Denver, University College, the 2016 Salary & Benefits Survey is based on data submitted by 537 Colorado nonprofit organizations reporting on over 7,100 employees across more than 100 positions. The goal of the report is to assist the nonprofit community in offering fair compensation packages for employees, recruiting and retaining qualified talent and effectively managing expenses.

Nonprofit Salaries & Benefits Sections

The Salaries section of the report provides compensation data for approximately 100 different positions. Data is available by budget, focus of service and geographic region. Information is also provided on minimum level of education and experience required for specific positions. The Benefits section of the report details insurance offerings, leave time, salary increases and other benefits offered by Colorado nonprofits.


Some interesting trends noticed over the last two years since the release of the last Salary & Benefits Survey Report in 2014 include an increase in organizations offering flexible work schedules and various options for working remotely.

“Many studies show that flexible work schedules often relate to happier and healthier employees – and our findings show nonprofits are among the workplaces changing suit to meet the needs and desires of the workforce,” said Renny Fagan, President & CEO of Colorado Nonprofit Association.

In addition, the report shows a trending increase in salaries for leadership in the Arts & Culture subsector of the nonprofit community, with the average salary in 2016 being more than $40,000 since reported salaries in 2014. As stated by Fagan, “We find it telling that arts & culture focused nonprofits are investing in their leadership during a time when more visitors are coming to our state and our local population is increasing. Nonprofits greatly contribute to local quality of life and we are pleased to see organizations are investing in top talent to keep arts & culture offerings vibrant and diverse.”

Purchase the 2016 Edition

The 2016 Colorado Nonprofit Association Salary & Benefits Survey Report is available for purchase online at or by calling the Colorado Nonprofit Association at (303) 832-5710.

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