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Live Streaming Expands 2016 Fall Conference Reach

Oct 28, 2016

More than 80 viewers tuned in to Colorado Nonprofit Association’s first ever Fall Conference & Exhibition livestream. The livestream featured the four plenary sessions, including keynote speakers Kai Kight and Lauren Casteel.

Colorado Nonprofit Association offered the livestream as an effort to engage members across the state who were unable to attend the two-day conference. Viewers were encouraged to join conference attendees in the conversation by posting to social media.

Livestreaming the conference was one initiative out of many to meet Colorado Nonprofit Association's goal of preparing and inspiring nonprofit professionals to lead sustainable, transparent and innovative nonprofits serving communities.

Colorado Nonprofit Association plans to livestream future events and populate its Knowledge Center with live recordings and additional on-demand learning to meet the various needs of community members across the state.

Nonprofits and Livestreaming

With technology’s increased development and adoption, livestreaming has become a popular medium for nonprofits and for-profits alike to connect with customers, constituents, donors and the public. Facebook Live and YouTube Live are two tools among others used by organizations looking to involve a broader audience during announcements, events, site tours and more.

Resources for Live Streaming

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