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Message from President and CEO: Election Results

Nov 10, 2016
Colorado Nonprofit Association Position on Ballot Issues

The close presidential election obviously revealed deep divisions and discontent in our country. As nonprofits, we work every day to bring people together. Nonprofits are problem solvers. We do so by finding common ground and uniting people to work for a cause and purpose. We are not partisans, but we are advocates. We know how to serve and to lead. The nonprofit community is uniquely positioned to forge a better understanding among people and strengthen our communities. That’s our calling, that’s our challenge.

While Colorado’s Congressional delegation remained the same, as did the political party balance in the state legislature, Donald Trump’s election will certainly bring change to current federal executive orders and possibly result in significant legislative changes in federal law.

Colorado Nonprofit Association will continue to ardently advocate for federal and state public policies that support a flourishing nonprofit operating environment.

Colorado Election Results

Amendment 70

Colorado Nonprofit Association supported and Colorado voters approved Amendment 70. Increasing the minimum wage will help more than 420,000 Coloradans, including some nonprofit employees, keep up with the rising costs of basic needs including health care and housing. Increased wages will help individuals and families achieve financial stability and reduce their need for select nonprofit services.

Scientific and Cultural Facilities District

Colorado Nonprofit Association also supported renewing the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD) sales tax. SCFD will continue providing funding for arts, cultural and scientific nonprofits of all sizes in the metro area so they can provide diverse programming and cultural offerings for all.

Additional Ballot Issues

Colorado voters approved several ballot measures authorizing medical aid in dying (106), making it harder to amend the constitution (71) and re-establishing a presidential primary (107).

Amendment 72

Colorado Nonprofit Association supported and the voters rejected Amendment 72. A tobacco tax increase would have benefitted programs delivered by nonprofits that strengthen health and mental health services to our communities.


Let’s continue working together to ensure Colorado has the nation’s most effective, vibrant and innovative nonprofit community essential to the high quality of life in our state.




President and CEO
Colorado Nonprofit Association

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