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2018 Legislative Session – Colorado General Assembly

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Jan 10, 2018

We track state bills affecting our nonprofit community. These bills include, but are not limited to:

  • Issues particular to the nonprofit sector. For example tax incentives for charitable giving, updates to the Colorado Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act, or changes to oversight of charitable fundraising under the Colorado Charitable Solicitations Act.
  • General public policy issues that affect nonprofits. For example, employment and labor issues, health care, education, and state fiscal policy, etc.
  • Issues with a broad impact on nonprofits’ areas of service. For example, government grants and contracting processes, workplace giving by government employees, etc.

Key Bills

Legislative Matrix

Our legislative matrix lists all the state bills affecting Colorado’s nonprofit community that we are tracking in 2018.

2018 Legislative Agenda

  • Coming soon!

Legislative Session Report

Read our reports from past legislative sessions.

Resources for Building Relationships with Legislators

Please visit our Public Policy Resources page for tools and resources to help your nonprofit organization get involved in public policy and build relationships with policymakers.