Fundamentals of HR Management

Get a solid foundation in the fundamentals of human resource management – and a certificate to prove it – in this intensive four-part series.

Using the Power of Influence rather than the Power of Authority

Leading a nonprofit relies more on the power of characteristic influence than the power of position. Persuading people to volunteer their time, donate their money, and give their best effort relies on abilities, not the authority to terminate employment or exercise an employment contract clause.

Nonprofit Evaluation Clinic

In this 1/2 day session, participants will go through the evaluation planning, design, and implementation processes step-by-step.

The Nonprofit Social Media Success Toolkit: Six Part Series

You’re on social media. Now what? Are you able to convert “likes” into donations and activism? Do you know what’s OK for your staff and community to post? Even if you have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn and are diligently using blogs, photos, and videos to tell your story, bringing all these elements

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