Fundamentals of HR Management

Get a solid foundation in the fundamentals of human resource management – and a certificate to prove it – in this intensive four-part series.

Quickbooks Made Easy

QuickBooks Made Easy is offering a 2 part QuickBooks® training seminar for Nonprofits.  This course is designed for those new to QuickBooks as well as advanced users.

5 Ways to Create Engaging Communications

This workshop will provide proven tactics to help organizations make a deeper impact and build strong relationships with both their constituents and potential/existing donors.

Getting Started with Social Enterprise

Getting Started with Social Enterprise is the first step in a comprehensive program designed to help you and your nonprofit explore, design and develop a social enterprise.

Creating Sustainable Funding for Your Nonprofit

In this session, Benevon Instructor & Coach, Marcy McNeal will give you an overview of the Benevon Model — a systematic process for engaging and developing relationships with mission-focused individual donors.