Planning, Designing, and Interpreting Your Evaluation Tools

In this session, participants will walk through the evaluation planning process using relevant tools to help distinguish outputs from outcomes, as well as an increased understanding of what our organization’s overall impact in the work we do. Points covered will include: in depth understanding of inputs, outputs, outcomes, and impact; evaluation methodologies, and survey design.

Getting Started with Social Enterprise

Getting Started with Social Enterprise helps you and your nonprofit begin the process of exploring, designing and developing a social enterprise or new earned income strategies. This session is an excellent stand-alone introduction to social enterprise and/or can be a jumping off point for participating in the comprehensive Colorado Nonprofit Social Enterprise Exchange program.

Social Change Through Real Estate Planning, Funding and Building Nonprofit Facilities

This interactive webinar will provide nonprofit Executive Directors, CEO, CFO’s, COO’s and Board leadership with knowledge on the unique process of real estate planning and development. The webinar will also allow nonprofit leaders to discover opportunities to fund and finance capital projects and learn about a governance process that supports an implementable outcome to ensure

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Ten Steps to Success: A Guide for Nonprofit Fundraising

The Ten Steps to Success is a checklist of activities your nonprofit should do—in order—to effectively plan and fund your mission. Based on 40 years of experience with all types of nonprofit organizations, this workshop will focus on the steps your nonprofit should take without shortcuts to flourish and grow. A perfect topic for board

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